Top Scented Plants for Summer Evenings

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside in the summer evenings with friends or family and enjoying the evening. As you’re sitting there you’ll often get a waft of a lovely scent. Here are the top scented plants for summer evenings that you’ll want to plant in and around your property.



Pinks ProgressRenowned for their lovely pink, rose or white flowers, they offer lovely fringed petals and a gentle spicy fragrance to grace your olfactory senses. They look lovely as a border and will lend a lovely air to your yard.

Evening Primrose

Evening Primsose

This hearty perennial offers up showy flowers that have four petals. They come in pink, bright yellow and white and will give off a lovely sweet scent in the early evening.



If you’re a fan of cocoa, you’re going to love the cosmos. While you will have to be sitting right next to this flower to appreciate its fragrance, it’s well worth the seating arrangement.

Four O’ Clock

Mirabilis jalapa

Just as the name says, about four O’ clock in the afternoon this plant will release a lovely vanilla fragrance. It offers up a variety of flower colors including pink, yellow, red and a few rare bi colored shades.


Painted Lady

Not to be confused with the aforementioned pinks, this lovely flower comes with a ginormous pink or purple spike. It’s scented similar to honey and a favorite of many bird species as well as butterflies. If you’re trying to attract butterflies to your yard, this is the flower to plant.



If you’re a fan of musky scents, try this flower.



Not only does this flower love to climb, it also loves to attract butterflies and humming birds. You’ll appreciate the variety of colors that clematis comes in as well as the varied scent (will be dependent upon the variety and color selected) that they offer up.


Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion Historic Park ~ Canandaigua NY ~ Magnoiia

You’re sure to love this flower. Giant citrus scented flowers grace this plant and come in the color of cream. They will come and go throughout the summer months and not only smell lovely, but look gorgeous in your yard as well.


Lazy person's low key

Phlox is a lovely border plant that offers up a sweet lilac type perfume. Not overly demanding of the gardeners time it yields a lovely flower with a sweet perfumed scent that few can resist.


9611 Nicotiana Box Fuller Flickr

For those who appreciate the scent of a fine tobacco, this long tubed flower will attract moths. A native of South America, it prefers a warm climate and will set off a lot of seeds.


Iris emerging

Grandmother had it right when she planted a lot of irises in her yard. The Iris prefers heat and will do great against a southern exposure. A variety of fragrances will ensue depending upon the exact variety that is planted.


Robai (Chimonanthus praecox)

If you love the color yellow you’re sure to appreciate this flower. Highly scented and lovely in a vase you simply can’t go wrong with this option.



Long considered a hybrid, this flower offers up silver pink shades of flowers and lends a lovely scent to any yard.


James Wells Witch Hazel

If you like the scent of freesia, you’re going to love this subtle orange type of witch hazel. It’s an ideal choice for those who enjoy freesia products.

Giant Snowdrop

Signs of Spring

If you have a slope that needs a little something, this is an ideal choice. Flowers look similar to pearls and the low foliage will quickly fill in. A lovely fragrance will grace your olfactory senses.



If you’re into two tone colored flowers, you’re going to love this addition. Lilac and pink flowers offer up a lovely fragrance very similar to lilies.


Azara dentata #3

This late spring bloomer offers up a dark glossy foliage. Tiny yellow flowers look fluffy and smell much like vanilla.


Pretty Pink Tulips

No yard is complete without the elegant tulip. Famous for its variety of shades, it offers up exceptional scents that will waft through your summer evenings and well into the night.



If you’re into perennials, you’ll love this flower. Violet buds will open up to a blue lilac color and offer up a lovely scent for your yard.


Dianthus Supernova

A resilient plant that has raggedly looking white flowers that are actually tinted in a green shade. Be sure to cut these back after they flower to promote even more of their lovely scent and flowers.


20160428_Terrasse_15Offering up a lovely lilac scent, this is a compact Chinese lilac that works well as a potted plant or in a smaller garden area. Brilliant green leaves and pretty lilac colored flowers will grace your yard and give you plenty to smell about.



The lovely peony also comes in a few different colors and will lend your yard a fragrant offering.

Now that you know how to make your yard smell great you can begin to plan out which of these plants you want to incorporate into your flower gardens and planter boxes. Feel free to mix and match and blend your scents into your own unique scents. Your friends and family will rave about how great your yard smells.

Top scented plants for summer evenings. Make your garden a haven this year by planting flowers that perfume the air. Perfect for patios, balconies and more and many can be grown in pots easily.

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