How to Grow Yacon in Cold Climates

Yacon is one of the lesser-known vegetable plants that can be sucessfully grown in the UK. Sometimes known as the Peruvian Ground Apple, the tubers taste rather fruity, with hints of apple and pear, but possessing a satisfying crunch similar to that of water chestnuts. They can be eaten raw or cooked, and so offer … Read more

10 Ornamental Vegetables That Look as Good as They Taste

Most gardeners view vegetables and flowers as two clearly-defined groups of plants. Vegetables go in the vegetable patch, well out of sight of your house. The flowers go in the main garden, where their colourful blooms can be admired by everyone. But not all vegetables lack aesthetic appeal. When you choose the right varieties, it’s … Read more

How to Grow Capsicums

Capsicums are one of my very favourite vegetables to grow. The plants themselves are quite attractive, but this is multiplied many times when the fruits themselves start to form. Whats more, not all capsicums look just like the standard “bell peppers” that are typically available from shops; you’ll find there are a whole range of … Read more