Growing Lovage from Seed

Lovage is a sweet tasting herb originating from the Mediterranean region. In appearance it broadly resembles a mix between celery and cilantro with its light green stems and leaves. A prolific and fast-growing plant, every gardener should try growing lovage at least once. While lovage plants are commonly available from garden centers, growing lovage from … Read more

How to Grow Watermelons

There can be fewer more powerful tastes of summer than the crisp, sweet, cool flesh of a watermelon. For many of us in cooler climates (like me in the UK) they conjure up images of hot, Mediterranean areas; Spain, perhaps, or Greece. Surely, nobody could grow watermelons in more temperate conditions? As it turn out, … Read more

How to Grow Mushrooms

Mushrooms are among the fastest-growing breeds of plants. They are much faster at maturing that most common fruits and vegetables. The best part about growing mushrooms is that they don’t eat up space in your garden! When done right, these fungi can look beautiful and taste amazing too. If you have never grown mushrooms before, … Read more

Growing Onions from Seed

Onions are a must have in many kitchens. They’re easy to grow from seed and many gardeners start them indoors before the last frost in order to have a jump start on the gardening season. Onion seeds do very well in any seed starting mix. Fresh Seeds Always start with fresh seeds. You can keep … Read more

How to Grow Celeriac

Celeriac, also called root celery or knob celery, is very similar to celery, however, it’s much easier to grow. Renowned for the crisp celery flavor of the root, you can enjoy this vegetable cooked or raw. Although most North American’s have never heard of it, it’s long been a staple in European cooking and gardens. … Read more

How to Grow Artichokes

The artichoke plant can quickly spread up to six feet across. It will make a bold statement in any garden. The silvery green foliage is attractive and it grows fairly easily in a variety of climates. Many people are fearful of growing the artichoke however, it’s not that difficult and there are a few different … Read more