Simple Tips to Make Your Vegetable Patch Look Neater

If there’s one complaint that I hear about vegetable gardens it’s simply that they’re “ugly”. People often want to hide them away out of sight, and overlooking someone else’s vegetable plot can be a cause for neighbourly tensions. But things don’t have to be like that. With a little thought and effort your pride and … Read more

Tips for Starting a Garden Journal

As a passionate vegetable gardener I’ve learned that whilst the growing season seems to fly past at an alarming rate, a year can be an awfully long time when it comes to your memory. It barely seems like you’ve harvested the last of your crops before its time to start planning for the spring. At … Read more

Top Scented Plants for Summer Evenings

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside in the summer evenings with friends or family and enjoying the evening. As you’re sitting there you’ll often get a waft of a lovely scent. Here are the top scented plants for summer evenings that you’ll want to plant in and around your property. Pinks Renowned for … Read more