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Welcome to Dreamley.

My name is Richard. 

I’m a UK-based garden fanatic, currently based in the Midlands.

As a child, my parents gave me my own little patch of dirt at the end of their garden to call my own. I grew my own tomatoes and squashes, together with an assortment of flowers. I’m never happier than when I’m out in nature, planting, growing and sowing.

While my passion for gardening never went away, sadly in my early career I had very few chances to indulge in my hobby. A never-ending list of rental properties meant that there was little gardening I could do – apart from simply “maintaining” what I’d inherited. Oh sure, I grew bits and pieces in tubs. I even grew my own tomatoes in a window box at one point. But it all felt very limited. 

All that changed in 2016 when my living arrangements improved. Finally I was able to start cultivating (!) my passion again. As a homeowner I have complete freedom to express myself and finally get back to my roots. And I’m trying to make the very most possible of this exciting opportunity. 

I started this blog around the same time. I started it as much for my own benefit as for anyone else. It’s so easy to forget about which cultivars worked well for you, or which growing methods have produced the best results. It’s also a great creative outlet for cold, winter days when there isn’t much to do in the garden. I can review the previous growing season or plan ahead to the next one. Oddly, since I started this blog, hundreds of people arrive here each day to read about gardening. I’m thankful to every single one of them for trusting me with their time.

We’re currently at potentially the most exciting stage of the site yet. The reason? In 2019 I bought a new house with the first decent-sized garden I’ve ever had. The property is an ex-rental, and as you’d expect the garden needs a lot of TLC. It’s barely been touched in years, save for the “grass” getting trimmed occasionally. I plan to document all the changes we make over time.  

If you’d like to connect then you can always contact me here, though please be aware that I don’t have too much time available to respond to individual gardening questions so it may take a while to receive a reply. 

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Thanks for visiting, and please consider adding me to your bookmarks so you can come back in the future. I regularly add new articles so a return visit is well worth it!


While I hope that I have made my viewpoint clear at this point, I think it is only fair to issue a simple disclaimer. I am not a property professional in any way.

The message here is that the information I present in this site is the best it can be. It is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate but I would encourage you to seek advice from a qualified professional before making any decisions on your home or garden if you have any concerns at all.