How To Clean Your Patio The Easy Way

Most people use their patio’s as an extension of their living area. The more your patio is used, the more you’re going to have to work on cleaning it. It’s really easy however, if you know what you’re doing.

Start by removing all of the furniture off of the patio, as well as the grill, any plants and containers and throw rugs. Once this is done you can sweep the patio and use a mild soap and water to wash it down.

Take extra care and note any areas that are going to need repairs. Sand down any rough areas and be sure that you get the ceiling areas as well. Get rid of cobwebs, dirt and debris and focus on making it look appealing.

You may wish to enlist an old push broom and do a bit of scrubbing on areas that have some stains or other spots on your patio. Old push brooms work great for loosening dirt and then you can hose it all down.

Always be gentle when hosing, your not trying to sand blast the patio with the force of the water. Use a gentle hose attachment and take your time.

Once this is done, you can concentrate on what you’ve removed from the patio. Using a mild detergent wipe everything down so that it is sparkling and clean. You can use an auto polish for metal frames to give them a shinier appearance.

If you have throw rugs make sure that they are still in good enough condition before shaking them out and laying them back down. If they need replaced, consider something that stands up well for indoor outdoor use.

Glass cleaner is ideal for table tops and wind chimes that are sparkly. It also works well for shining the lamps or lanterns up. Replace any light bulbs in lamps and lanterns as well so that you won’t find yourself suddenly in the dark.

Clean the grill with a good degreaser and be sure to wipe down all stainless steel parts. Allow everything to completely dry before closing it back up to prevent rust.

Wash the cushions by wiping them down with your mild cleaning solution. Open the umbrella and wipe it down inside and out and make sure to dry them all thoroughly before you replace them on their respective places of abode. If you fail to dry them out completely you could find that you have mold and mildew and this can quickly spread to other areas of the patio.

Mold and mildew are not only hard on your patio furnishings, they are also hard on your health and that of your loved ones. Molds and mildews can cause a myriad of breathing and upper respiratory issues.

Take the time to clean your old planters as well. Replace old potting soil, clean out the pots and plant some pretty fresh flowers in them. Be sure that when you empty them out you also take the time to use a bit of bleach water to kill any bacteria or insects that may be sitting idle in them.

If your patio requires any maintenance, now is the time to do this task as well. Staining the deck and repairing broken areas of cement or railing are perfectly done when you have everything off of the patio to begin with. If you’re unsure of how to do the required repairs you can hire someone who knows how to do it right.

Keep in mind the composition of your patio and ensure that you take care not to dislodge natural stone or damage them. If you have pavers and stepping stones be sure that you are gentle with these as well.

Always scrub the stepping stones or pavers just as you do the rest of the patio, if you can turn them over and get the backside, be sure to do that as well. Bacteria and debris can harm the natural look over the course of time and you want to help them last as long as possible.

If your patio is made from wood ensure that it’s not coming up anywhere and that there aren’t any splinters that will get little toes or behinds if a guest sits on your patio.

Wipe railings down and sand down any chipped paint and repaint while you’re at it. Your patio will start to look brand new when you take the proper steps to clean and repair it.

Properly taking care of your patio will ensure that you have many wonderful times around the patio. You should clean it at least twice per year (at the beginning of “patio season” and the end of “patio season” ) and double check that there aren’t any issues during the rest of the time you’re using it.

Want to clean your patio the easy way? Follow these guidelines and do a better job in a shorter space of time than you every thought possible!