Common Flowering House Plants

From tropical beauties to brightly colored fruit and flowers, these flowering house plants are the best addition you can make to your home. Some of them are extremely easy to grow. Others purify your air naturally so you no longer need purifiers. Make sure you get some of these from your local garden supply shop and start growing your very own indoor flowering plants!


The Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew photo

This is an easy plant to grow. It has gorgeous purple leaves with a striped pattern on them which makes it very attractive indeed. The plant is made for home use, and is the best way to make your room pop with color. It is a trailing plant and thrives off light – the more light the plant gets, the more purple you see in the colorful leaves and flowers. The flowers of the Wandering Jew have three light purple petals with yellow in the middle. It is a truly fabulous looking flowering plant. Make sure the soil in the pot is always damp for the best results.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis Orchid photo

While it isn’t as easy as the Wandering Jew to grow, this orchid is one of the classic strains of the flowering plant that has long been a favorite of people growing indoors. This particular strain has white flowers that grow in long sprays, which makes it a perfect ornament for your coffee table in the living room. You can buy a species of this strain of the orchid that suits your home’s environment, whether it is exposed to bright sunlight a lot or a high humidity.


Geraniums photo

Geraniums are probably one of the single most common flowering house plants in the world. Everyone grows them because they look beautiful and are extremely easy to care for. They aren’t a purely indoor plant – you probably have geraniums in your garden outside as well. As you probably know, these flowers are very bright, adding a splash of color to any garden. Imagine what they’ll do for the inside of your home. Remember to give these plants a lot of sunlight for the best flowering. Don’t make the mistake of overdoing it when you water it.


jasmine photo

Jasmine isn’t an easy plant to grow. In fact, it can be pretty tricky if you don’t do it right. However, the perks of growing jasmine in your home are many indeed. For one, the white or pink flowers of the jasmine plant are among the most beautiful out there. Additionally, the scent of the jasmine flower is used in air freshener products all over the world because of how intoxicating and beautiful it is. Since it is a vine, you can grow the plant over a pergola too. Remember to give it filtered light and some humidity for the best results.

Ponderosa Lemon

Lemon flowers photo

The Ponderosa Lemon is a citrus tree that can be grown indoors. It doesn’t grow to a large size. This is one of the only citrus plants that can be grown in your house. It isn’t easy to grow, but the results are absolutely beautiful. The lemons produced by this plant are large and juicy, and come from beautiful little flowers that blossom at the best times. Water the lemon tree twice a week and make sure you add fertilizer in the spring.

African Violet

african violet photo

This is by far one of the easiest and most beautiful plants to grow in your house. It is a very common flowering houseplant that is quite easy to maintain. The plant blooms with some very beautiful flowers. The flowers bloom all through the year. You can get an African Violet plant that has flowers in a range of colors from white to a gorgeous shade of pale pink. Do not overwater the plant when growing it, and make sure you aren’t exposing it to direct sunlight.


hibiscus photo

Hibiscus plants are quite common in homes today. They aren’t easy to grow, but they can be the best way to add a tropical touch to the inside of your house. Hibiscus grows natively in parts of South East Asia, and is usually an outdoor plant. When you grow it indoors, it can brighten up a space almost immediately. The flowers are huge and have a short lifetime, but the colors are what truly make the hibiscus worth growing. You can get a hibiscus plant in shades of orange, pink, yellow, and many other colors.


Dieffenbachia flower photo

This is a pretty easy plant to grow – easier than it is to pronounce, anyway. It is a great way to keep your home green (literally). The dieffenbachia grows fast and easily, and is very durable indeed. The leaves of the plant blend in nicely with the flowers, which can remind some people of lilies. The leaves are striped with green and yellow patterns, while the flowers are typically a pale green with a yellow center. Truly tropical to the touch, these plants are a great addition to any home, either on the inside or the out.

Cape Primrose

Cape Primrose photo

This plant is absolutely beautiful because of the sheer amount of cheer it adds to any home. The flowers are colorful, tiny, and bright. They are best placed on a windowsill, such as in a kitchen or dining room. You can get this plant in versions that have flowers in colors like purple, red, white, and many other colors. Since this primrose is native to the Americas, you can grow it without having to change the environment of your house or room to help it grow – normal room conditions are good enough to help it bloom.

Growing flowering plants indoors is an idea that is taking root (pun intended) in the minds of many gardeners today. With the beauty that a plant adds to the outdoor gardens of today, it is only logical that the inside of your house will become just as incredible to behold. Last, but not least, let’s not forget the smell that a flowering plant contributes to your rooms!

Looking for a break from just foliage house plants? The houseplants discussed in this article will all produce copious amounts of flowers in your home; which not only look great but often smell fantastic too.

Photo by Ronaldc5, benklocek , David Holt London, jacilluch & ahisgett