Simple Tips to Make Your Vegetable Patch Look Neater

If there’s one complaint that I hear about vegetable gardens it’s simply that they’re “ugly”. People often want to hide them away out of sight, and overlooking someone else’s vegetable plot can be a cause for neighbourly tensions. But things don’t have to be like that. With a little thought and effort your pride and … Read more

Beetroot Storage Ideas

Did you just bring in your latest harvest of beetroots and greens? You might be wondering how to store them for the winter. Short term storage is far easier than long term, and won’t take too much effort or time on your part. Long term storage opens more options up to you, but is also … Read more

How to Grow Watermelons

There can be fewer more powerful tastes of summer than the crisp, sweet, cool flesh of a watermelon. For many of us in cooler climates (like me in the UK) they conjure up images of hot, Mediterranean areas; Spain, perhaps, or Greece. Surely, nobody could grow watermelons in more temperate conditions? As it turn out, … Read more