Coreopsis: How Tall Do They Grow?

Coreopsis tinctoria, sometimes known by the common name of Dyer’s Tickseed, is a stunning flower conjuring up images of sweeping grassy plains.  Coreopsis tinctoria now comes in a range of different colors and varieties, but is the more traditional yellow-and-red bloomed variety that I grow each year in my garden.  In truth, the first year … Read more

Best Perennial Plants for a Hot, Dry, Sunny Border of Your Garden (for Low Maintenance Gardening)

I’m currently in the process of rethinking my front garden. Since we moved into the house two years ago, the front garden has essentially remained exactly as we found it. Basically, just laid to grass. However this is far from ideal.  The lawn is gently sloping, while the garden faces south. This means I need … Read more