Are Greenhouses Frost Free?

A frost-free growing space is every gardener’s dream, allowing you to overwinter even sensitive plants successfully. It stands to reason that every fall many gardeners start to wonder whether greenhouses are frost free. That’s exactly what we’re going to address in this article. Are Unheated Greenhouses Frost Free? Let’s start with the bad news. Unheated … Read more

Are Greenhouses Good for Growing Vegetables?

Greenhouses have so many benefits for passionate gardeners, but possibly the very thing of all is using them to grow fruits and vegetables. If you’re passionate about producing your own food at home then greenhouses can be fantastic for growing vegetables.  Here are the very best reasons why greenhouses are brilliant for food production: Longer … Read more

Cucumber Sherpa

Cucumber Sherpa is a vigorous vine that produces copious cucumber fruits all summer long. Unsurprisingly it has become a firm favorite in my own garden. In this article I’d therefore like to discuss my own personal experience of successfully growing Cucumber Sherpa, so if you’re considering this variety you’ll know exactly what to expect. How … Read more

How to Make Comfrey Fertilizer

Fertilizer can make the difference between success and failure in your garden; especially if, like me, you grow an array of fruits and vegetables each year. More nutrients means healthier plants and better yields. Unfortunately artificial fertilizers can be expensive, heavy to carry and can come with a wealth of safety warnings. In this article, … Read more