Best Garden Tractors: Learning Your Top 10 Options

Whether you own just a small patch of grass or acres of lawn, managing it with the use of a capable garden tractor or mower is a must. You need a good garden tractor, which works excellently based on its maneuverability, ease of use, and the functionality of all its features. 

While it is actually possible for you to use basic lawn machines for small and minor jobs, such as towing a de-hatcher, note that the more challenging types of job also require beefy equipment. In this case, you need a more powerful machine – a.k.a the garden tractor. It is known for being more powerful and heavier when compared to the basic lawn tractor. 

That said, it’s definitely designed in such a way that it can take a lot of abuse, which means that it can withstand whatever challenging task you require it to do. In this article, we will offer information about ten of the best garden tractors today. 

By the end of this article, you’ll get an idea about which one to choose, a tractor which is powerful and flexible enough to handle any job efficiently.


Top 3 Garden Tractors

In this best garden tractor buying guide, we have actually discovered three of the most promising models in the market today. There is the Poulan Pro PP24VH54 Riding Mower, which main strength is its highly powerful 24 HP engine. 

Husqvarna 960430211 YTA18542 also comes close in the rank as it also has plenty of functional features. It is a great performer in the industry as many already proved its ability to deliver top quality results. Then there is the Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Riding Mower. 

It is worthy to include in the top 3 products as it delivers an impressive performance while also working as one of the strongest garden tractors today. It’s also comfortable to use while boasting of its versatility. 

Features to Look out for in a Garden Tractor

Considering how useful a garden tractor is, you have to be wise in making your choice. A garden tractor is one of the most actively used equipment in your home. You’ll find it useful in cutting grass weekly or every couple of weeks. 

With the best garden tractor around, you can save time and effort in taking care of your lawn or garden. Here are some of the best features that you have to look for when you’re starting to shop for a reliable and powerful garden tractor:

1. Removable Battery – This is a vital feature, especially if you’re getting the cordless electric model. Having a removable battery is an advantage as it comes in handy if you want your tractor to last longer than usual despite leaving it at a specific temperature range. In addition, you can easily tote a battery inside.

2. Uniform Sizes of Wheels – You also know that you’re getting a good garden tractor if it has uniform wheel sizes. Note that there are garden tractors with rear wheels that are bigger than those in front.

It would be best to go for a model with the same sizes of wheels in front and at the rear. Such promotes ease in maneuvering the machine and tipping it back for U-turns.

3. High Engine Power – You need plenty of power for your garden tractor as it means that it can last long even if it’s working too hard. Your ideal bet would be a tractor with a larger motor as it also translates to better quality. In addition, larger and more powerful motor also means longer life.

You can expect it to experience less mechanical breakdowns, so there is a lower chance for you to spend time and money visiting service and repair jobs. In addition, high-powered and larger motor also means that it works more efficiently in cutting grass and performing its other intended functions.

4. Self-Propelling Mechanism – You need a self-propelled mower or tractor to deal with rough terrains. With the self-propelled mechanism, there is no need for the machine to use too much power in pushing itself up hills and across rough terrains.

Fortunately, most of these propellers come with adjustable speed. Such feature makes it possible for you to adjust it based on the speed that you find most comfortable to operate. If you want to use the machine on hilly terrains, then the self-propelling mechanism is a must. 

5. Electric Start – Usually featured by gas models, the electric start function prevents you from dealing with the inconvenience of having to pull-start the engine. Such feature makes the tractor more user-friendly.

6. Automatic Drive – This is another important feature that your chosen garden tractor must have. With this feature, your tractor can quickly and efficiently change its ground speed. Fortunately, it’s now possible for you to control the speed using a pedal, instead of a lever, which is easier to use than the latter.

Top 10 Garden Tractor Reviews

Poulan Pro PP24VH54 Riding Mower – Features a Powerful Engine

Poulan Pro PP24VH54 is one of the best performers in the field of garden tractors and mowers. One of its strongest traits is the powerful 24 HP engine, which also has a Ready Start Starting System. This engine features a pressurized lubrication, which works in running cleaner and cooler while also providing extra power when necessary. 

It has an internal oil pump, too, which is a huge help in delivering oil in the most vital components of the engine. Another vital and useful feature is the 54-inch reinforced vented deck. Expect it to work in drawing air from the upper parts of the deck, which is a big help in ensuring that the airflow moves beneath the deck in case you need to deal with longer grasses. 

It is also possible for you to take full advantage of the tractor’s optional attachments so you can mulch or bag. Another useful feature is the auto-hydrostatic transmission. You can take advantage of it if you want to have an easier time making adjustments on the speed. All it takes is for you to find the motion level built into the fender forward so you can move it. 

Doing such is a big help in increasing ground speed. Pulling it back toward the neutral is also the key to slowing it down. There is no need for you to deal with the inconvenience of stopping just to alter speed. It is also possible for you to take advantage of the mower’s six height adjustment positions, offering several options for mowing. 

Rating: 5/5

Husqvarna 960430211 YTA18542 18.5 HP – Great Performance while Delivering Top Quality Mowing Results

The Husqvarna 960430211 YTA18542 18.5 HP mower lives up to the brand’s promise of offering superior performance and high-quality results when it comes to mowing. This garden tractor mower only features a small size but rest assured that it is powerful enough. The small size is also actually an advantage as it means that it is easy and simple to use while also requiring minimal storage space. 

It features a fast auto-transmission, thereby ensuring that you can avoid certain issues in terms of maintenance. It has a built-in air induction mowing technology, too, which is a big advantage as it enhances airflow within its 42-inch, compact deck. With that, there is a guarantee that you can get a dependable cut every time. 

The 42-inch deck is also compact enough that you will never have problems maneuvering it even in small areas. It has an 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek Engine too, which ensures that it has more than enough power to handle 2.5 acres per hour of mowing task. It has a maximum speed of 7.4 mph, so expect it to zoom around and cut grass in the fastest time possible. 

Another strong feature of this garden tractor from Husqvarna is the CVT auto transmission. You will definitely find it useful in controlling the speed by just using a single pedal. There is no need for you to use a clutch, so you have a hundred percent assurance that you can easily change the speed without hiccups or without causing you to slow down. 

The problem with this garden tractor, though, is that it requires you to apply more leg or foot pressure than other models when operating it. Still, it is no doubt, one of the best performers in the industry considering its many interesting and fully functional built-in features. 

Rating: 4.4/5

Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Riding Mower – Powerful Performance with its Top-notch Quality and Strength

At around 42 inches and having 18 HP capacity, it’s safe to say that the Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT Gas Riding Mower is one of the strongest, and the most comfortable and versatile models in the category. It features an 18HP Kohler OHV engine, delivering a powerful performance.

It sports a signature cut 42-inch deck, too. Furthermore, many love the responsive steering system as it lets you maneuver around obstacles easily. With the sloped 10-degree adjustable seat built in this riding mower, you can definitely operate it in comfort.

It has built-in LED headlights too – all of which are useful in extending the life of the machine while also enhancing visibility regardless of the weather. You can also take advantage of a dozen of easy to choose cutting height positions. Combine that with the lever engaged PTO and you can definitely use the machine to obtain perfect cuts. 

Another good feature of this garden mower is the rubberized and comfort grip steering wheel, which is soft to your touch. It promotes a solid feel as well as a more controlled steering. With the e-coat corrosion defense system integrated into the machine, you also have an assurance that it can resist wear and tear.

One downside of this mower, though, is that the springs below the seat tend to be bouncy during the first few uses. This problem will get better eventually, though. Also, note that the mower is pricey, but you’ll never regret paying for it as it’s really a great performer. 

Rating: 4.2/5

Husqvarna Zero-Turn MZ52 Mower – An Ergonomically Designed Mower

One of the strengths of Husqvarna Zero-Turn MZ52 Mower is its ergonomic design. The fact that it is ergonomically designed also translates to a high level of comfort when you’re operating it. It is manufactured with quality in mind by ensuring that the steel frame used in creating it is heavy-duty. It also features a hydraulic system with a high commercial rating. 

Another of its strengths is the fact that it does not only work in collecting lawn clippings but also turn them into a mulch then evenly spread them over your lawn. It boasts a great combination of productivity, comfort, and performance. It has a highly intuitive operator interface, too. It has a fabricated 15-inch steel deck, which is known for its rugged construction. 

Such deck is also capable of mulching and collection, making it ideal for you if you want to meet all your property maintenance requirements. It is also possible for you to make use of the mower’s catcher attachment accessory if you want to prevent the mulch from getting spread back out. 

It has an impressive zero turn mowing technology, too. It is a big help in spending the least amount of time to work on even a huge area. In fact, you can expect to reduce the time it requires you to mow by a max of fifty percent. It has adjustable and ergonomic steering levers, as well as high back seat featuring armrests, too, promoting comfort while you are operating the mower. 

Many users find the price of this garden tractor/lawn mower to be its biggest downside as it tends to be quite high. Still, you have an assurance that it houses high-quality components while boasting of a huge power capacity. Such is a big help in completing all types of landscaping job regardless of the terrain. 

Rating: 3.9/5

Poulan Pro 960420174 PB24VA54 – A Perfect Blend of Power, Maneuverability and Comfort

While the Poulan Pro 960420174 PB24VA54 riding mower is not the cheapest garden tractors today, it’s still a great choice because of its excellent quality. It’s a great choice as it’s powerful enough. It has up to 24-HP capacity. In addition, it is easy to maneuver plus it looks great with its smooth black finish. 

At around 54 inches, this model from Poulan consists of the biggest cutting decks among the products that fall within the same price range. It has a reinforced cutting deck, too, which boasts of a 10-year warranty. It has a huge fuel tank with up to 2.5-gallon capacity. 

Such is beneficial in providing an impressive distance or usage before it runs out of fuel. You’ll also notice that it has large wheels both in front and at the vehicle’s rear, promoting a stable and smooth ride even if you use it on rough terrains. 

Since it has a large cutting deck, you have an assurance that it can reduce the time you need to mow. It also has an easy to use pedal-operated transmission, which is capable of providing a smooth and nice ride even if you’re still a beginner in mowing a garden. 

The problem with this tractor, though, is that its fuel gauge or level is not that visible, so you may have a hard time monitoring the gas. In addition, it has a Reverse MAX speed, which operates slower than other mowers that have just around 1.7MPH capacity. This isn’t too much of an issue, though, as most users don’t actually need extremely fast speeds when operating their mowers in reverse.

Rating: 3.7/5

Husqvarna 960430212 YTA22V46 22V – Easy to Operate and Maintenance-Free

Another of the best garden tractors from a reliable brand is the Husqvarna 960430212 YTA22V46 22V 46-inch tractor mower. What is so good about this garden tractor is its fast auto-transmission feature as it promotes ease in operating it while also being maintenance-free. There is a built-in air induction mowing technology, which helps in improving the airflow inside the 46-inch deck. 

With such better airflow, there is an assurance of a more consistent and perfect cut each time you use it. The quick auto-transmission installed in this model is also controllable by a pedal, giving you an assurance that it only requires minimal power when you’re driving it while also giving out more power when cutting and mowing. 

It has a convenient, spring-assisted fender mounted deck lever, too, promoting ease when operating it. In addition, there is a deck wash port, making it easy for you to connect a water hose to its underside so you can effortlessly wash it. As for the cutting height control, take note that it only has half a dozen settings. 

While it is actually enough, there are instances when you actually want a higher number of settings. Another possible downside of this garden tractor is the awkward positioning of the gas tank, as it is presently in the engine compartment. With this position, you might find it awkward to put a funnel in the engine’s mouth.

Despite the mentioned weaknesses, the many fully functional and powerful features of this garden tractor make it one of the most reliable tractors in the market today. It’s a worthwhile investment considering the fact that it focuses on quality and performance. 

Rating: 3.7/5

Poulan Pro 960420182 – Highly Maneuverable, Reducing Overall Mowing Time

One of the strengths of Poulan Pro 960420182 is that it has a high level of maneuverability, which is one of the reasons why it’s capable of significantly cutting your overall mowing time. Such maneuverability makes it possible for you to use it in zipping around obstacles, houses, and trees. 

It also lets you change directions with ease. It has a beautiful design plus features an ergonomic seating as well as a 42-inch stamped steel deck, making it really pleasurable to use. It sports of an auto hydrostatic transmission, too, which is a big advantage as it promotes one-switch speed control. 

In addition, you have six choices for the cutting heights ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches. You also have the freedom to choose between mulching or bagging with the aid of the optional attachments featured by the mower. It works quieter and cleaner when compared to the previous models. 

One advantage of this mower is that it is versatile that you can use it on various terrains, including uneven, flat, and hilly ones. It also features anti-scalp deck wheels that are useful in reducing your risk of scalping the lawn in case you use it to mow uneven terrains. 

Other useful features integrated into this mower are the cup holder and the headlights. One problem that you might encounter in this mower is that the seat tends to be too slippery for comfort, especially when you mow on slopes. You may also notice that the steering is not as sturdy as you initially expected. 

Despite that, Poulan Pro 960420182 can still provide real value for your money. It has a powerful engine plus being easy to maneuver. The engine power is even enough for you to handle lawns regardless of their shapes and sizes. 

Rating: 3.4/5

Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series GT Garden Tractor – Versatile and Comfortable Tractor with Bluetooth Feature

Do you want your garden tractor to showcase strength, versatility, and comfort? Then the Cub Cadet XT1 from the Enduro Series is a great option. It’s a gas garden tractor with a front engine. It is around fifty inches while also delivering up to 25 horsepower engine. 

Such engine provides enough power to deliver a highly efficient performance. There is also a hydrostatic transmission drive in the tractor, ensuring that you can operate it simply and smoothly. With the drive, there is no need for you to shift. All it takes is to push the pedal. 

In addition, there is a 10-degree, sloped adjustable seat in the garden tractor, making it even more user-friendly. Users also love the soft comfort grip steering wheel built into the machine as it ensures that you can comfortably handle it. It’s also designed in such a way that you’ll enjoy its peak performance. It’s even possible for you to connect it to your smartphone so you can track hours, be reminded of maintenance, and much more. 

However, note that this garden tractor is also available at a higher price than the other machines. In addition, it has transmissions that could be non-repairable. Despite that, it’s still safe to say that you’ll be getting your money’s worth with this garden tractor as it has several high-quality features that you can definitely use.

Rating: 3.3/5

Troy-Bilt Super Bronco XP HP Garden Tractor – Offering Utmost Comfort on the Job

If you want to feel comfortable completing all your garden or lawn mowing tasks, then the Troy-Bilt Super Bronco XP Garden Tractor is an ideal choice for you. It can deliver excellent performance for all your cutting and lawn needs. However, take note that it is more specifically designed to mow large yards and areas. It features a large deck, around 54 inches. 

It is a staggered mowing deck, with a side discharge feature. In addition, it boasts of its hydrostatic transmission, which you can control by foot and comes with a cruise control. You will find this feature useful in smoothly controlling transitions whether it’s reverse or forward. It can also get rid of the need to shift and clutch in between various speed ranges.

Another strength of this garden tractor from Troy-Bilt is its high-quality 26 HP electric start engine. Such engine also features a Mow in Reverse capability, which you can completely control if you operate it. With this capability, you have an assurance that you will have an easier time working on any job fast. 

In addition, you will definitely like the fact that the deck is adjustable up to a dozen of distinctive cutting positions. You can also easily clean it up since it has a built-in integrated deck wash system. It can also operate at a 5.5-mile/hr. speed using its transmission, which you can easily control by foot. 

While price is an issue for this garden tractor, it is still undeniable that it’s one of the models in this field with the highest quality. It is comfortable to use, too, while also holding other functional features, including its comfy high-back seat, 3-gal fuel tank, and arm rests. 

Raven MPV7100S Hybrid Riding Lawnmower – A Multipurpose Machine

Aside from being a lawnmower, the Raven MPV7100S also performs two other important functions, as a multi-purpose vehicle, as well as a power generator. The lawnmower function of this model is already a big help if you want to produce a nice-looking lawn. It works seriously so you have some sort of assurance that it can deliver a high-quality result. 

The Raven actually makes use of gas power when it comes to cutting. It also features a 46-inch deck. You can easily remove the deck in case you plan on using the Raven as an ATV. The removable fabricated deck built into the machine is a big help in enhancing vacuum, as well as promoting ease in mulching and discharging. 

It has a 14-inch turning radius, too, which many consider as one of the strengths of the machine as it promotes ease in maneuvering it around tight turns. With the 550-lb. towing capacity of the machine as well as its storage bed, you have an assurance that you can easily get supplies to and from the work site. 

The good thing about this lawnmower is that you can also use it as a power generator if you are no longer mowing. However, take note that it is not as efficient as the other garden tractors in this list but the fact that it performs several functions aside from just being a tractor already makes it worthy to buy.

Rating: 2.4/5