Best Electric Dethatchers on Test

A dethatcher, also called a lawn scarifier, refers to a device, which works effectively in removing thatch from lawns. It has a couple of types – one is the motorized one and the other one is that which a garden tractor can pull behind. If you have a lawn or a garden, then it is a must for you to invest in an electric dethatcher. 

You can use it to handle accumulated dead leaves, stems and grass roots that are already called thatch in such case. Note that if you let thatch build up, it can result in a number of unwanted problems in your lawn or garden, including the growth of moss and diseased grass. To avoid such problems, you have to schedule their removal at least two times every year.

This is where you can use a dethatcher. With the row of prongs or metal blades that this tool uses, it works in penetrating the ground and getting rid of all the unwanted stuff. With that, the grass will have enough room to breath, thereby ensuring a lush and full growth. 


Top 3 Products 

The best dethatcher is indeed one of your best buddies if you want to cultivate a well-maintained and beautiful lawn. Since it is a useful tool, you really have to carefully sort out all your options. The first product I will always recommend for those searching for an electric dethatcher is the GreenWorks 27022 as it is highly reliable plus offers comfort when in operation. 

There is also the Sun Joe AJ801E, which works exceptionally well for those who have small and medium-sized lawns. If you want a dethatcher, which packs more than enough power while also working fast, then the Agri-Fab 45-0472 Electric Plug-in Dethatcher is a nice option. 

Features to Look for in an Electric Dethatcher

An electric dethatcher is indeed an excellent solution if you want to get rid of fine pieces of debris. It is a big help in fully transforming your lawn, increasing the value of your property. With the thatch removed, you can prevent your lawn from developing an unsightly look and contracting any disease. 

Just make sure that you pick the right dethatcher for the job at hand, though. It is possible with the help of the following factors and features:

1. Electric Motor – Look for an electric dethatcher with a powerful motor. It should go deep down while performing its intended function. It should be easy to use, too. You should be able to operate it with just a simple press of a button.

The good thing about having a powerful electric motor is that it also requires less maintenance. It is mainly because there is no need for you to replace the gasoline or oil for the motor. All that you have to do is to plug it each time you want to use it. 

2. Depth – Consider looking for a dethatcher with multiple depth positions. Note that thatch tends to get ingrained in your lawn over time. It gets too thick and hard to handle, especially if you did not dethatch for quite a long time. In that case, an electric dethatcher with multiple depth positions, at least three positions, is a great option.

The depth positions should be featured in a simple and easy to use handle, so you can use it in properly dethatching your lawn a single layer at a time. With the right depth as well as its ease of use, you have an assurance that the result is a well-managed lawn free of thatch. 

3. Sturdy Construction – Ensure that the dethatcher has a sturdy construction, too. If possible, choose one that features sturdy stainless steel tines, thereby ensuring that the tool can do its intended function with minimal wear and tear.

Despite being sturdily constructed, it should still feature a padded handle and grip, so you will feel comfortable wearing it. It should have an aromatically designed grip, too, so you can push and turn it without any discomfort.

4. Thatch Catching Bag – The dethatcher will also become more enjoyable to use if it features a thatch catching bag. Note that the whole process is tedious. With the thatch catcher around, it is possible for you to dump the collected thatch directly into the compost or waste bag once you are done.

Aside from the factors and features mentioned, it is also essential for you to check the thickness and severity of the thatch you want to work on. It is the key to figuring out the best electric dethatcher for the job. 

5. Cushioned Handle – Of course, the handle should also have more than enough cushion to make you feel comfortable while also preventing the risk of experiencing cuts and blisters when you are doing lawn tasks. The depth setting should also be easy to work with.

The grip, as well as the depth handle, should have a proper cushion, so you will feel comfortable using the tool. It also promotes ease when pushing and turning it. With a well-cushioned handle, there is an assurance that you can make some changes on the depth with ease. 

By ensuring that all these features are present in your chosen electric dethatcher, you’ll know that you are indeed picking the right choice. 

Top Electric Dethatchers

GreenWorks 27022 10 Amp 14-inch Corded Dethatcher – Reliable and Comfortable Operation

One of the electric dethatchers that can really get the dethatching job done efficiently is the Green Works 27022 10 Amp 14-inch Corded Dethatcher. One feature worthy of highlighting in this model is its sturdy 10-amp motor. It makes the tool capable of providing more than enough power, which you can compare to a gas-powered tool. 

It is also easy to gain full control of the tool as it offers a tine with three positions when it comes to depth adjustment. You will gain full control as you can use such multiple positions to get rid of matted layers, which is a big help in stimulating a healthy growth in your lawn for a long time. If you love environmentally-friendly tools and products, then this tool from Green Works is ideal for you.

It is because of the zero carbon footprint that it boasts of. It lacks emission while also being easy to use and maintain. The tines installed in the dethatcher are all constructed from stainless steel, making them sturdy enough. It also features a cord lock, which is a big help as it works in securely holding the extension. 

You will gain full control over the operation while experiencing utmost comfort with the help of its ergonomically designed and padded grip. The handle is adjustable, too, so there is no reason for you to experience discomfort. It is comfortable to use even for long jobs. It does not require you to exert a lot of effort to push while preventing the grass from getting damaged. 

It comes with a couple of flaws, though. One is the fact that it is actually an old model. In addition, there are also those who reported that it is not suitable for use on lawns and gardens with Bermuda grass. Despite such minor flaws, it can still deliver a reliable performance while being adjustable and controllable enough for your comfort.

Amazon Rating: 4.6/5

Sun Joe AJ801E 12 Amp 13-inch Electric Scarifier and Lawn Dethatcher – Ideal for Small to Mid-sized Gardens/Lawns

If you have a small to mid-sized lawn or garden, then the Sun Joe AJ801E with a 12-amp motor is a perfect choice for you. It can serve as your go-to tool if you want your lawn to be in the best shape possible. It has up to 24 spring steel tines that promote an excellent and reliable performance as they can stay sharp for a long period. 

It has a sturdy 12-amp motor, too, while also making use of an AirBoost technology designed to boost the maneuvering ability of the tool. It features a 13-inch wide path, too, which is a big help if you want it to do its job quickly. Another thing that most users love about this tool is the fact that it has a scarifier function, which you can use in cutting grass roots, resulting in a healthier lawn and thicker grass growth. 

One more remarkable feature about this dethatcher is the built-in thatch catcher. With this catcher, there is no need for you to go back to collect debris right after. It is easy to start, too. You can do so with just a single push of a button. It has a maintenance-free electric motor, which is also beneficial as there is no need for you to think about tuning it up. 

There is also a safety switch, which is a big help if you want to prevent it from starting accidentally. Most users also love the full raking control that the tool offers because it has an adjustable knob while also featuring up to a 5-position manual raking depth. The handle is also fully foldable, which means that it is easy to store. 

As for the downsides, it is not that ideal for use on big lawns. Some also find it a hassle that they still need to shift roles manually. Even with the mentioned flaws, most of its reviews are positive so it is safe to say that it can get the job done with less to zero hassle. 

Amazon Rating: 4.3/5

Agri-Fab 45-0472 Electric Plug-in Dethatcher – Quick Operation for a  Max of 1,000 sq. ft. Yard

The Agri-Fab 45-0472 Electric Plug-in Dethatcher is a nice tool to add to your gardening arsenal, especially if you wish to work on areas with a max of 1,000 square feet. One advantage of this dethatcher is that it does not require you to use oil or gas. It is because it is electrical, which is also a good thing as it translates to less to zero maintenance requirement. 

It eliminates the need for gas or oil and is easy to start. All it takes is for you to turn the switch. Many also consider the fact that the tool does not require a height adjustment to be beneficial as it ensures that what it removes is really thatch, instead of turf. There is also an assurance that you will feel comfortable using it since it has a well-cushioned handle. The result is a more convenient grip. 

Another positive trait of this dethatcher from Agri-fab is that it works fast. It is fast that it is possible for it to reduce significantly the amount of time it requires to complete a specific job. It is an electric tool, so there is a need for you to manage the cord well when you are operating it. It might be a hassle at first but rest assured that you will eventually get used to it. 

There is also a need for you to utilize a 12-gauge extension cord, which is not part of the product. Another possible flaw is the sensitivity of the safety switch. Many say that it is too sensitive while also being placed in a bad location and position. 

Despite the mentioned issues, many still say that the Agri-Fab 45-0472 Electric Plug-in Dethatcher exceeded their expectations. It is a reasonably priced tool, which can get the dethatching job done in less time. 

Amazon Rating: 3.9/5

VonHaus 2-in-1 Lawn Dethatcher and Aerator – Dual Function in a Single Tool: As a Dethatcher and Aerator

With the 12-amp motor of the VonHaus 2-in-1 Lawn Dethatcher and Aerator, you know that it is powerful enough to perform its intended functions. It performs a dual function in just a single corded tool as it works both as a dethatcher and an aerator. Since it can perform two functions, it is indeed a worthwhile investment if you want to maintain a tidy and healthy lawn. 

It works efficiently if you want to get rid of thatch, moss, leaves, and other unwanted materials present in your lawn. It sports a dual-purpose drum, too, as well as two rollers with an interchangeable function. That said, it is possible for you to change its function fast – whether as a dethatcher or an aerator – based on your present requirements. 

The powerful motor it has also features a 2-point safety start switch, so there is no reason for you to worry about it starting accidentally. In addition, it has a height adjustable handle, which is beneficial as it means that you can make adjustments to it based on your height. In addition, there is a 40-l collection bag added to the product. 

Just make sure to remove the thatch bag if you want to use the tool for large areas, so there is no need for you to empty it regularly. It has four working depths, too, so you can choose the most suitable one for the lawn you are working on. In addition, many say that it is easy to use and clean. 

However, some users find the thatch bag included in the product to be quite small for their needs. There are also those who find the aerator to be not as efficient as they initially expected. Still, the product is a steal as it can already perform two functions in just one while being offered at a reasonable price.

Amazon Rating: 3.7/5

Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe AJ800E 11-amp, 14-inch Electric Dethatcher – A Go-to Tool for Proper Lawn or Garden Maintenance

Many consider the Sun Joe AJ800E 11-amp 14-inch Dethatcher a great choice for a dethatcher as it works well in properly maintaining a lawn or garden. You can use it revitalize small to medium-sized lawns. With this tool, you can finally let your lawn breathe as you can free it from thatch and other unwanted elements that might ruin its excellent condition. 

It has a powerful 11-amp motor, which is more than enough for it to perform its job efficiently. It also makes use of the popular AirBoost technology. Such makes it possible for you to take advantage of two dozen spring steel tines, maximizing the ability of the tool to pick up thatch. The fact that it has an electric motor also means that it works with minimal to zero maintenance. 

In other words, there is no need for you to use oil or gas, or tune it up. Furthermore, there is a control knob, which you can use to customize the depth. You can control it to up to five depth positions depending on the dethatching requirements of your lawn. It does not work as good, though, when used on large lawns. 

Amazon Rating: 3.7/5

Sun Joe AJ799E Dethatcher Joe 11-amp, 14-inch Electric Dethatcher – Promotes High Thatch Pickup with the AirBoost Technology

One of the most useful features integrated into the Sun Joe AJ799E Electric Dethatcher is the AirBoost Technology. It is a big advantage as it makes it possible for you to maximize the ability of the tool to pick up thatch with the aid of its 24 spring steel tines. It has an 11-amp motor, guaranteed to deliver a solid and robust performance. 

It is also the main reason why the tool sports a raking path, which is around fourteen inches wide. The fact that the raking depth is controllable with the help of the built-in control knob is also an advantage. With it, you are free to make adjustments on the raking depth up to five positions – from 3mm below to 9mm above the ground. 

It is easy to use, too. Unlike typical manual rakes that are exhausting and challenging to utilize, this Sun Joe electric dethatcher will never cause problems when you use it. It is even possible for you to start it in an instant. All it takes is one push of a button, so you can start using it to do the dethatching job. 

The good news is that it performs such function without toxic carbon emissions that might damage the atmosphere. The fact that it does not require constant tune-ups, as well as being able to use gas and oil, also makes it one of your most environmentally friendly options. You will also love the built-in safety switch as it means that there is zero risk that the tool will start accidentally. 

With all the features integrated into this dethatcher, you will no longer worry about how you can maintain the excellent condition of your lawn or garden. You can finally free it from thatch, which consists of built-up stems, roots, grass clippings, and other unwanted elements that block the proper flow and supply of essential nutrients, oxygen, and water to your lawn. 

With that, Sun Joe AJ799E Dethatcher is definitely a big help in cultivating a healthy and green lawn. 

Amazon Rating: No rating yet

Proper Way to Use the Electric Dethatcher

The best way for you to use your electric dethatcher is either during the late summer or fall. It is the time when the grass in your garden or lawn is well-established while also having an active growth. It is also the season when the cool weather prevails, so there is a great chance that you will enjoy better results from dethatching your lawn. 

To ensure that you will get your desired results, avoid dethatching when your lawn is still wet. Note that using the dethatcher while the lawn is still wet might only cause it to get damaged too soon. Another tip is to avoid removing the whole thatch layer with just a single pass of the tool over your lawn. Make it a point to have a North to South coverage when using the dethatcher. 

It is also important for you to make use of your leaf rake if you want to get rid of the dislodged organic material. Do the process repeatedly, ensuring that you cover your lawn but this time, from East to West. Once done, you have the option to compost the collected organic material. 

Final Words

The best electric dethatcher is indeed one of the tools that can make your job easier, especially if you want to properly maintain your lawn. Just make sure that you are picking the right one with all the features you need to get your intended job done.