About This Site


Welcome to Dreamley.


In essence, the strapline of this site is:

Helping you create your dream  garden

…which explains the rather unusual domain name.

A Little About Me

My name is Richard and I’m the founder and (currently) sole blogger here.

Right now I live in Sussex, but with plans to move “up north” in the next year or two, where I can get far more house for my money.

This blog represents my own experiences through the process of starting and building a number of gardens over the last few years.

While I’m a long way from an expert, this blog aims to help the beginner – just like I was a few short years ago – to get started creating a garden pace that they can be proud of.


While I hope that I have made my viewpoint clear at this point, I think it is only fair to issue a simple disclaimer. I am not a property professional in any way.

The message here is that the information I present in this site is the best it can be. It is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate but I would encourage you to seek advice from a qualified professional before making any decisions on your home or garden if you have any concerns at all.